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Data Centers Aren't Devouring the Planet's Electricity—Yet 2020-02-27 17:18:46Although servers are crunching six times as much data as in 2010, energy consumption has stayed relatively flat, thanks to improved hardware efficienc

Glowing Amphibians, Extreme Weather Satellites, and More News 2020-02-27 17:14:23Catch up on the most important news from today in two minutes or less.

Recycled Nuclear Waste Will Power a New Reactor 2020-02-27 14:37:49Last week, the Department of Energy gave a commercial company the green light to test fuel made from spent uranium.

Please, Please, Please Don't Mock Conspiracy Theories 2020-02-27 12:58:23People have a lot of bizarre notions about Covid-19 and the 2020 elections—but if you have to laugh, just do it in private.

Ava DuVernay Is Working On an Adaptation of 2020-02-27 12:03:04*Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker*'s Victoria Mahoney will reportedly write and direct the adaptation of Octavia E. Butler's sci-fi novel.

So, Amphibians Glow. Humans Just Couldn't See It—Until 2020-02-27 11:00:00Bathe an amphibian in blue light and it glows a brilliant green. But what does this all mean?

A Flaw in Billions of Wi-Fi Chips Let 2020-02-27 10:00:00Affected devices include iPhones, iPads, Macs, Amazon Echos and Kindles, Android devices, and various Wi-Fi routers.

In California, Which Self-Driving Cars Log the Most 2020-02-27 09:00:00New reports show autonomous vehicles from 36 companies covered 2.9 million miles in the state last year, up from 2.1 million in 2018.

Best Pet Camera (2020): Petcube, Furbo, and More 2020-02-27 08:00:00These cameras let you check up on your dog or cat—and feed them treats—over the internet.

Smithsonian Open Access Puts 2.8 Million Images in 2020-02-27 08:00:00The archive includes hi-res images of Muhammad Ali's boxing gear, 15th-century manuscripts, and data that could help surface untold stories of women

Today's Cartoon: License to Whine 2020-02-27 07:00:00A wedge between family members that drives itself.

When AI Can’t Replace a Worker, It Watches 2020-02-27 07:00:00Whether software that digitizes manual labor makes workers frowny or smiley will come down to how employers choose to use it.

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Solar Blinds Lower Your Energy Bills 2020-02-27 13:00:00Solar Blinds can reduce your electricity bill by 30%. They can generate 100W per 1 sqm, which is enough to power a TV or charge a laptop. They can al

Lightning Fast Charging from Fruit 2020-02-27 07:00:00Scientists have discovered a novel method for extracting biowaste from the incredibly stinky durian or jackfruit and using it to create ultra-quick el

Breath Test Detects Cancer 2020-02-26 13:00:00Scientists have developed a new type of breath test that offers a cheap and non-invasive way to detect esophageal cancer, which is very difficult to d

Adapting Photosynthesis in Soybeans to Increase Yields 2020-02-26 07:00:00Soybean plants can lose up to 13 percent of their productivity because they cannot adjust quickly to changes in light intensity.

RoboTire Makes Swift Work of Tire Changing 2020-02-25 13:00:00Why spend three hours in a service stating waiting room when RoboTire can change your tires in 10 minutes?

Is Fusion Energy Finally Becoming a Reality? 2020-02-25 07:00:00An Australian fusion startup called HB11 claims they have found a way to revolutionize current nuclear fusion technology to create the holy grail of u

Shape-Shifting Jacket Responds to Temperature 2020-02-24 13:00:00A new type of yarn has been designed to have an exaggerated response to temperature so that it expands to create insulating pockets when the temperatu

Emoji Jacket Improve Cyclist Safety 2020-02-24 07:00:00In order to improve the safety of cyclists sharing the road with vehicles, Ford has developed a prototype emoji jacket that could enable cyclists to g

Wearable Microphone Jammer 2020-02-23 13:00:00It may look clunky, but this wearable microphone jammer will disable hidden microphones in your immediate surroundings.

Freshy Lids make any Container Vacuum-Sealed 2020-02-23 07:00:00Increase the shelf life of your fresh foods up to 700% by vacuum packing them in any of your regular bowls, mugs or cans with the Freshy lid.

Helmet Sensor can Indicate when Concussion has Occured 2020-02-22 13:00:00A Philadelphia-based company has developed a head impact sensor that can be affixed to helmets and indicate when an impact strong enough to cause conc

Supercapacitors Store 10 Times More Energy 2020-02-22 07:00:00Scientists claim they have figured out how to store 10 times more energy than previous supercapacitors, opening the path to creating fast-charging ele

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Moving from Brazil to Ireland with the ‘universal New! 2020-02-28 08:27:20In advance of next week’s Global Engineers event for people in the industry relocating from Brazil, Luiza Brack spoke to us about her own journe

Irish businesses told to diversify supply chains as New! 2020-02-28 07:50:48OCO Global's Killian Cawley says that the Covid-19 outbreak highlights Ireland's ‘over-reliance’ on single source supply chains in China

5 Engineers Week events that will help you New! 2020-02-28 07:33:00Sustainability, future technologies and tackling the climate crisis through engineering will all feature across a number of events throughout Engineer

Bristol-based AI chipmaker Graphcore raises $150m New! 2020-02-28 07:18:50Graphcore, which counts BMW, Dell, Atomico and Sequoia among its investors, has raised $150m for its specialised AI chips that are designed to support

On the job hunt? More than 1,500 new New! 2020-02-28 06:50:39There was lots of good news for jobseekers this week, with new roles announced in areas from UX and blockchain to sales and e-business. The post On th

Citroën’s new €20 per month EV may not New! 2020-02-28 06:09:28Citroën will begin taking orders for its new electric vehicle from 30 March, with the car first launching in France before going on sale in Spain

Facebook cancels F8 and Microsoft pulls out of New! 2020-02-28 05:20:44Facebook has cancelled its F8 conference for developers, which was not set to take place until May, due to concerns about the spread of Covid-19. The

Is technology doing more harm than good for New! 2020-02-28 05:16:47More than 40pc of Irish professionals claim that new smart working practices are negatively impacting their work-life balance, a new survey suggests.

‘My biggest career challenge has been more internal New! 2020-02-28 05:00:33Shutterstock’s VP of engineering, Rashi Khurana, talks about her career journey and her experience climbing the ladder. The post ‘My bigge

Sony invests in Dublin sports intelligence firm Kitman New! 2020-02-28 04:32:00The investment into Kitman Labs, which is reportedly worth nearly €500,000, marks the Sony Innovation Fund's first investment into sports techno

US military aims to launch nuclear moon rocket 2020-02-27 08:11:07The US military wants to place a vast array of satellites between Earth and the moon using an experimental ‘nuclear thermal propulsion’ en

Asana announces new products and EU data centre 2020-02-27 08:00:56With the announcement of a new data centre in Frankfurt, Asana's enterprise customers will now be able to choose where their data is stored to comply

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