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Hundreds cheer Lula da Silva as he walks 2019-11-09 05:59:00 Brazil's icon Lula da Silva walked free from jail on Friday after a year and a half behind bars for corruption following a c

More chaos in Bolivia: some police officers have 2019-11-09 05:54:00 Bolivians marched again in several cities on Friday night and there were even scattered cases of police joining the protests,

“Street” doctors and nurses assist hundreds of injured 2019-11-09 05:40:00 Someone hundred Chilean doctors and nurses hit the streets shortly after riots broke out in Chile weeks ago, diving into the

Bolivia seems out of control as leaders continue 2019-11-08 04:54:00 Street clashes broke out on Thursday among supporters and opponents of Bolivia’s government armed with slingshots and d

UN Assembly condemns "anachronistic" and "inhumane" US embargo 2019-11-08 04:22:00 The UN General Assembly condemned the nearly 60-year-old US embargo on Cuba on Thursday for the 28th year in a row, calling f

OAS Electoral Observation Mission in Bolivia condemns violence 2019-11-07 06:19:00 The Electoral Observation Mission of the Organization of American States (OAS) in Bolivia on Wednesday, strongly condemned th

Colombia's defense minister resigns for not disclosing the 2019-11-07 04:18:00 Colombia's defense minister has resigned after coming under fire for failing to disclose the deaths of several minors in a m

Uber safety measures to protect passengers and drivers 2019-11-07 03:50:00 Uber said on Wednesday that it will allow passengers and drivers to record audio of their trips in Brazil and Mexico using a

Copa Libertadores final moved to Lima from Santiago 2019-11-07 02:56:00 The Copa Libertadores final between Flamengo and River Plate has been moved to Lima in Peru from Santiago due to the continui

Bolivian opposition leader arrives in La Paz and 2019-11-07 01:02:00 Bolivian protest leader who has become a figurehead for opposition to President Evo Morales arrived on Wednesday in capital L

Fernandez with Lopez Obrador, “satisfied in meeting with 2019-11-05 04:55:00 Argentine President-elect Alberto Fernández met with his Mexican soon-to-be counterpart on Monday seeking to boost bil

Protests all over the world: are we witnessing 2019-11-05 04:45:00 By Gwynne Dyer – Journalists don’t just travel in packs; they write in packs, too. And what they’re writing

BBC News - Latin America

How dangerous is Mexico? 2019-11-06 13:58:55With a deadly ambush in Mexico making the headlines, what are the risks of living or travelling there?

Mexico ambush: Boy, 13, walked 23km for help 2019-11-06 11:35:15The 13-year-old, who hid his siblings, is among eight children to survive an attack that killed nine.

Mexico ambush: Who are the victims? 2019-11-06 10:40:51Three mothers and six children from a breakaway Mormon community were killed on Monday.

Jordan attack: Knifeman stabs eight, including tourists, in 2019-11-06 09:59:09One man is under arrest after the attack in which eight people, including four tourists, were injured.

How Cuban art fed Africa's liberation struggles 2019-11-05 19:20:37The Cold War propaganda posters which shows the support Fidel Castro gave to those fighting imperialism.

Brazil dam owner Vale failed to report danger 2019-11-05 17:13:49The Feijão dam in Minas Gerais state collapsed in January killing at least 250 people.

Chilean President Piñera 'will not resign' 2019-11-05 00:42:57Sebastián Piñera says he is committed to remaining as president despite the mass anti-government protests.

Latino or Hispanic? What's the difference? 2019-11-04 18:25:55The two words are used interchangeably in the US, but the words don't mean the same thing.

Violence against women: 'Day of the dead women' 2019-11-04 07:37:55Demonstrators march through the capital, calling for justice for victims of violence against women.

Walter Mercado: Flamboyant TV astrologer adored by millions 2019-11-04 04:43:36Latino icon Walter Mercado reached 120 million people a day - often while wearing a sequinned cape.

Venezuela and El Salvador in tit-for-tat diplomatic expulsions 2019-11-03 11:29:57Venezuela responds a day after its diplomats were expelled from El Salvador.

Chile's 'women in black' demand justice following protest 2019-11-02 11:07:02At least 20 people have died during the nationwide protests demanding economic and political change.

South America

Water cannon and rocks fly as Santiago protest 2019-11-06 19:56:33Protesters clashed with police on the streets of Santiago with tensions sparked by an increase in the price of train fares.

Chile rocked by magnitude 6.0 earthquake 2019-11-04 18:26:02An earthquake has caused buildings to shake in the Chilean capital Santiago, with no preliminary reports of injuries or property damage from the tremo

LGBTIQ rights front and centre as thousands hit 2019-11-03 05:22:32The 28th annual pride parade in Buenos Aires has converted almost the entire Argentine capital into a venue to celebrate queer diversity and freedom.

El Salvador expels Venezuelan diplomats 2019-11-03 03:05:25More than 50 countries have already switched their recognition to national assembly speaker Juan Guaido as Venezuela's legitimate acting president.

'Forest guardian': Illegal loggers kill indigenous Amazon warrior 2019-11-02 17:25:16Illegal loggers have killed an Amazon warrior who guarded the forest and wounded another as indigenous tribes battle to save their habitat from invade

Mourning women demand justice for those killed and 2019-11-02 06:00:33Protests continue in Santiago as the government drops corporate tax cuts following the cancellation of two major international summits in the Chilean

Amid escalating unrest, Chile pulls out of holding 2019-10-30 20:56:21Weeks of massive streets protests in Chile have forced President Sebastian Pinera to withdraw from hosting two major global meetings.

Despite APEC’s cancellation, US still hopes to sign 2019-10-30 15:35:19The White House says it plans to sign a trade deal with China next month despite the cancellation of the APEC summit in Chile, which was touted as the

Openly gay Claudia Lopez elected first female mayor 2019-10-28 05:34:20Claudia Lopez, who is openly gay, has become the first woman to be elected mayor of Colombia's capital, Bogota.

Chilean president lifts state of emergency despite continued 2019-10-28 02:28:13The lifting of the state of emergency comes just 48 hours after more than a million people hit the streets demanding economic and political change.

Bolivian elections: Protests and unrest as accusations of 2019-10-24 01:42:15Bolivian President Evo Morales has described protests after a disputed election as an attempted 'coup'.

Chileans go on strike as protest death toll 2019-10-23 15:43:34Chile has braced for more protests and a general strike by state workers, despite President Sebastian Pinera’s pleas for forgiveness and announc

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