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Colombian organizations take over the center of Bogotá 2020-10-22 05:28:00 Protesters filled a historic square in Colombia’s capital on Wednesday to demonstrate against the government’s ha

Bolivian president-elect: “no role” for the winning party 2020-10-21 05:45:00 Bolivia's president-elect Luis Arce said on Tuesday that there was “no role” in his government for socialist par

Venezuelan tanker listing dangerously: fears of a catastrophic 2020-10-21 05:40:00 Concerns are growing that an oil tanker carrying millions of gallons of oil could spill its load into the sea between Venezue

Mexico brings up the issue of liabilities from 2020-10-21 04:29:00 Mexico's government will pay to cover any liabilities arising from unexpected side effects of COVID-19 vaccines but is not c

Morales planning to return to Bolivia following on 2020-10-20 05:55:00 Exiled former president Evo Morales on Monday signaled his intention to return to Bolivia after his leftist heir Luis Arce's

Peruvian archeologists uncover a 37 meter long cat 2020-10-20 04:30:00 Peruvian archaeologists have uncovered a 37-metre-long cat etching in a little-explored area of the country's celebrated Naz

Bolivians waiting anxiously for results in an election 2020-10-19 05:52:00 Hours after polling began to end on Sunday, Bolivians waited anxiously for results in an election that many hope can restore

Panama offers arriving travelers Covid-19 tests in an 2020-10-19 05:29:00 Panama is the latest country to offer travelers a COVID-19 test when they arrive at its main airport, a little less than a we

UN agency advises Latin American to stimulate economies 2020-10-16 05:31:00 Countries of Latin America and the Caribbean must continue to ratchet up stimulus to beat back the devastating economic impac

Pioneer ozone Mexican scientist and Nobel Prize dies 2020-10-14 04:31:00 Mario Molina, the winner of the Nobel Prize in chemistry in 1995 and the only Mexican scientist to be honored with a Nobel, d

Colombia ex president Uribe released from house arrest 2020-10-13 04:44:00 A Colombian judge on Saturday ordered an end to house arrest for former president Alvaro Uribe, who is under investigation fo

Mexico claiming Aztec emperor Moctezuma's feather headdress from 2020-10-13 04:28:00 Mexico's president said on Monday that he had given his wife the "almost impossible mission" of persuading Austria to retu

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Chileans on referendum: 'Chance to make things right' 2020-10-26 09:03:50Chileans speak about how they voted in the constitutional referendum and their hopes for the future.

Jubilation as Chile votes to rewrite constitution 2020-10-26 07:08:28An overwhelming majority vote to tear up the dictatorship-era constitution and create a new one.

'Not just numbers': The women disappearing in Peru 2020-10-24 19:17:38Thousands of women go missing in Peru every year and many are never found.

Black Lives Matter: New hidden slave trade sites 2020-10-24 19:04:05Two new locations in Wales linked to the slave trade are now marked by high-tech history barcodes.

Venezuela opposition figure Leopoldo López leaves Spanish embassy 2020-10-24 14:17:41Leopoldo López, who took shelter in the Spanish embassy in Caracas, is going to Spain, his father says.

Paraguay finds seven bodies in container shipment from 2020-10-24 08:48:08Paraguay believes the seven "migrants" may have wanted to travel only from Serbia to Croatia.

Black History Month: Pele - Brazil icon in 2020-10-24 01:32:29As part of Black History Month, Football Focus looks back at the career of Brazil icon and legendary goalscorer Pele, in his own words.

Chile's choice: Out with the old, in with 2020-10-23 20:12:37After a year of often violent protests, Chileans get to decide whether they want a new constitution.

Barbara Blake Hannah: The first black reporter on 2020-10-22 19:19:03In 1968 Barbara Blake Hannah got a reporting job with Thames Television, but some viewers strongly objected.

Mexico reaches water deal with US despite violent 2020-10-22 17:17:35Mexican farmers say they need the water, in what has been one of the driest years in decades.

Rescued endangered Loa water frogs have 200 offspring 2020-10-22 07:05:26The water frogs had been rescued from a stream that was drying up and were airlifted to Santiago zoo.

US election 2020: Trump's impact on immigration - 2020-10-21 19:15:33Donald Trump campaigned in 2016 with a pledge to bring down immigration. Did it happen?

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