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Donald Trump Is No ‘Phony’ Populist New! 2020-10-20 00:01:58The president is often denounced as a fake ally of the working class, but important data suggest that he's done right by them. The post Donald Trump

Nagorno Karabakh: The Invisible Christian Republic New! 2020-10-20 00:01:01Assailed by Azerbaijan and Turkey, a place literally overlooked by the world struggles to maintain peace and human rights. The post Nagorno Karabakh:

Europe Gears Up for Another Military Intervention in New! 2020-10-20 00:01:01The failure of the last one isn't stopping them. Now the U.S. needs to make clear that they won't join. The post Europe Gears Up for Another Militar

Interoperability is Key to Tech Competition New! 2020-10-20 00:01:00Compatible systems, and legal frameworks that enable them, will be vital in combatting tech concentration. The post Interoperability is Key to Tech Co

Biden Inc. Is More Corrupt Than Cronyism 2020-10-19 13:00:16The Biden family has always capitalized on Joe's influence. A pause during campaign season is par for the course, and it doesn't mean anything has c

Revisiting Hydroxychloroquine 2020-10-19 00:01:55There is substantial evidence to suggest that the drug is effective in treating Covid-19. Why are we not trying it? The post Revisiting Hydroxychloroq

The Voting Rights Mirage 2020-10-19 00:01:54For years we've been told that voting keeps government in check. None of this is true. The post The Voting Rights Mirage appeared first on The Americ

Big Tech’s End-Run Around the First Amendment 2020-10-19 00:01:23Big Tech platforms are the public squares of our time. Anyone who says free speech doesn't matter there is lying to himself. The post Big Tech’

The Eternal Insight of John C. Calhoun 2020-10-19 00:01:02The great American conservative was neither a Hegelian nor a Jacobin, despite the cries of the poorly educated. The post The Eternal Insight of John C

The Arab Outlier: Algeria’s Geostrategic Sensibilities 2020-10-17 00:01:46With little dependence on any Gulf state, the African nation is uniquely positioned to maintain neutrality in Middle Eastern conflicts. The post The A

How Trump Still Divides the Republican Old Guard 2020-10-16 09:01:50A superlative new biography of James Baker, Republican fixer and statesman, reveals how old friends grappled with the Trump years. The post How Trump

Did NIMBYs Save Cities? 2020-10-16 00:01:26In many ways, slow-growing suburbs encased in regulatory amber function the way greenbelts or urban growth boundaries are supposed to. The post Did NI

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Black History: 1619 to Civil War 2020-10-19 00:04:39Jim Davis and Justin Holcomb talk with Ligon Duncan about the history of black people in America from the period of 1619 up to the Civil War.

God Cares How You Eat 2020-10-19 00:03:00Food is a gift for our sustenance and enjoyment. But we can easily fall prey to four food sins.

How to Stay Awake in a World of 2020-10-19 00:02:30Paul lumps together sleeping and getting smashed for two reasons. 

TGC Launches TV Apps 2020-10-19 00:00:33The Gospel Coalition is excited to announce the launch of free smart TV apps for Roku and AppleTV.

How to Witness From the Furnace of (American) 2020-10-18 00:00:37Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego offer an incredible vision of how to live faithfully amid cultural and political idolatry.

Survey: Evangelical Teens Differ from Other Christian Teens 2020-10-17 00:03:48A recent survey finds that in almost every area of the survey, evangelicals stand apart from other teens in both religious belief and practice.

2 Things to Consider Before Moving Out of 2020-10-17 00:02:00Comfort and opportunity might tempt you to move away. Covenant and calling might compel you to stay.

Danny Akin on Teaching Kids to Love the 2020-10-16 00:04:59Danny Akin addresses a common question for many Christian parents: “How do we embed Great Commission DNA into our children?”

Russell Moore’s Call to Courage in a Culture 2020-10-16 00:03:00The surest way to come under personal assault is to speak with conviction on matters of consequence.

Aslan’s Legacy at 70 2020-10-16 00:02:00In a recent visit to a bookstore one of my kids found a small hardback, filled with short, funny descriptions of several well-known stories. We all be

From KKK Activism to Cruciform Politics 2020-10-16 00:00:00What’s unfolding in America today is like the rerun of a bad movie. I know from experience.

The Black Bell Curve and Confirmation Bias on 2020-10-15 00:03:37Darryl Williamson argues that empathetic listening is the antidote to negative preconceived notions and unhealthy bias as it relates to race.

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The Leader the WTO Needs 2020-10-19 12:25:05With the world teetering on the brink of historic reversals of hard-won progress on reducing extreme poverty and malnutrition, combating child mortali

How Israel Failed Its COVID Test 2020-10-19 11:09:52Israel is besieged not only by a deadly virus, but by identity politics, sectarian strife, and dishonest leadership. As the economic consequences of l

Think Small for an American Recovery 2020-10-19 10:15:00Small businesses play an outsize role in the US economy, accounting for about half of all private-sector employment and nearly two-thirds of all net n

Boris Johnson’s Failed COVID-19 Launch 2020-10-19 09:22:11UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has embraced mission-oriented governance in letter but not in spirit. Far from empowering the state to serve the publi

Justice in a Hijacked State 2020-10-19 05:00:00The international community has long favored trying to cajole the Central African Republic’s warring parties into doing less harm. But gaining l

The Time Bomb at the Top of the 2020-10-16 11:33:59People all over the world are already losing their homes and livelihoods to deadly fires, floods, storms, and other disasters. With scientists now exp

Listen to the Science 2020-10-16 10:46:09The announcement of this year's Nobel Prize laureates is an ideal occasion to appreciate how much we owe to basic science, and how scientists have co

The Quad Sharpens Its Edges 2020-10-16 10:10:56Despite US President Donald Trump’s undermining of US alliances, his administration has made significant progress in bringing together the Indo-

Who’s Afraid of Rules-Based Monetary Policy? 2020-10-16 08:47:30In addition to introducing a massive policy response to the COVID-19 crisis, the US Federal Reserve this year has announced a fundamental change in it

The Novichok Archipelago 2020-10-16 05:10:10On the mend in Berlin from a nerve-agent attack in August, Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny speaks with Tikhon Dzyadko of Dozhd TV about his p

The People’s Bankers? 2020-10-16 03:48:23In little more than a decade, the global financial crisis, climate change, and the COVID-19 pandemic have transformed the monetary-policy environment.

Don’t Overestimate the COVID-19 Recovery 2020-10-15 09:05:38At this point in the COVID-19 crisis, governments have only one good option: further aggressive fiscal stimulus, complemented by coherent virus-contai


National Harbor has a problem New! 2020-10-19 21:43:06Prince George's County Executive Angela Alsobrooks, a Democrat, has her hands full. One is trying to stem the tide of COVID-19, and the other is wres

EDITORIAL: Facebook and Twitter ban New York Post New! 2020-10-19 19:05:04In news almost everyone saw coming, Monday morning Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden announced he would hold no further press events until aft

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Trump a true 'people's' New! 2020-10-19 19:04:08Whether you like the current U.S. president or not, you might want to view the record of TV broadcast coverage on the evening of the 2016 election. Re

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Death numbers need ratios New! 2020-10-19 19:04:06Remember how a sharp rise in global temperatures was compared to a "hockey stick" back in 2006? Turns out it was a gross exaggeration. Likewise, the

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: 'Experts' are contradictory New! 2020-10-19 19:04:05The final verdict from the World Health Organization, the National Institutes for Health and BitChute experts regarding face masks has been announced.

Social media's preemptive spiking of New York Post New! 2020-10-19 18:33:00Twitter and Facebook are quickly backpedaling after suppressing a New York Post story damaging to former Vice President Joe Biden, but that doesn&rsqu

Stop the presses: According to latest studies, we New! 2020-10-19 18:21:09Here’s the bad news: According to the latest study, we are all going to die. Worse, it is for the most part sooner than expected. I’m not

Trump still running as outsider New! 2020-10-19 17:53:53You know the best evidence on the Internet these days that former Vice President Joseph R. Biden is the head of a family crime syndicate using America

'Handmaid' leftist activists protest Barrett nomination while supporting New! 2020-10-19 16:26:28As soon as Amy Coney Barrett was nominated to the U.S. Supreme Court, the left predictably pounced. A little less predictable were the merciless and i

Media must press Biden to explain son Hunter's 2020-10-19 14:08:22It was President Nixon who said in the midst of the enveloping Watergate scandal: “People have got to know whether or not their president is a c

Stick with stocks through the contested election 2020-10-19 13:39:48The American economy and stock prices have been hit by a triple whammy. A pandemic that shut the economy, squabbling between the White House and Democ

Only Star Wars can beat North Korea's nukes 2020-10-19 13:23:18Blubbering before a national audience, North Korean strongman Kim Jong-un apologized to his people for not being able to raise their living standards.