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Pope says responses to abuse crisis cannot forget 2019-03-31 17:58:00Rome, Italy, Mar 31, 2019 / 03:58 pm (CNA).- Returning to Italy from Morocco Sunday night, Pope Francis said the problem of child sexual abuse, in all

Pope Francis: Freedom of conscience in danger in 2019-03-31 17:45:00Rome, Italy, Mar 31, 2019 / 03:45 pm (CNA).- Pope Francis decried the regression of freedom of conscience in “Christian countries” during

Why do people kiss the pope's ring? 2019-03-27 16:23:00Loreto, Italy, Mar 27, 2019 / 02:23 pm (CNA).- The Vatican press office declined to comment after a video went viral this week showing the pope refusi

Scottish bishops warn against characterizing religious beliefs as 2019-03-26 21:01:00Edinburgh, Scotland, Mar 26, 2019 / 07:01 pm (CNA).- The Catholic Bishops Conference of Scotland is warning against the government’s restriction

Under pressure, UK to reconsider asylum application of 2019-03-25 15:33:00London, England, Mar 25, 2019 / 01:33 pm (CNA).- The British Home Office has agreed to reconsider the asylum claim of an Iranian Christian, after it w

St John Paul II’s abuse record defended by 2019-03-21 19:00:00Krakow, Poland, Mar 21, 2019 / 05:00 pm (CNA).- Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz, a personal friend and close collaborator of St. John Paul II, this week de

Irish bishops speak out against abortion requirement for 2019-03-21 15:22:00Dublin, Ireland, Mar 21, 2019 / 01:22 pm (CNA).- The Irish Bishops’ Conference has objected to job requirements mandating that certain consultan

Polish bishops release ‘tragic’ report on sexual abuse 2019-03-15 18:10:00Krakow, Poland, Mar 15, 2019 / 04:10 pm (CNA).- Nearly 400 Polish priests were accused of sexual abuse of minors from 1990 until 2018, a study commiss

On Lenten retreat, Pope Francis reflected on 'Gaudium 2019-03-15 13:15:00Rome, Italy, Mar 15, 2019 / 11:15 am (CNA).- Pope Francis said Friday that he senses resistance to Gaudium et spes, a document the pope said he reflec

Scientists call for global moratorium on genetically modified 2019-03-15 12:03:00London, England, Mar 15, 2019 / 10:03 am (CNA).- A group of 18 scientists and bioethicists from seven countries has called for a global moratorium on

Northern Ireland anti-abortion law has saved 100,000 lives, 2019-03-13 19:02:00Belfast, Northern Ireland, Mar 13, 2019 / 05:02 pm (CNA).- Efforts to protect the unborn from legal abortion in Northern Ireland continue despite effo

Pope begins Lenten spiritual exercises reflecting on Christ's 2019-03-11 12:24:00Rome, Italy, Mar 11, 2019 / 10:24 am (CNA).- A Benedictine abbot is leading Pope Francis and the Roman curia in Lenten spiritual exercises this week,

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Texas bars all clergy from execution chambers following 2019-04-04 14:59:42Only security personnel will be allowed in the execution room

Archaeologists find seal which supports biblical account of 2019-04-04 11:59:08The seal is linked to a name from the Bible, supporting the Old Testament's accounts of the fall of Judah.

In April, pope praying for doctors in war 2019-04-04 09:43:55Hospitals and health centers can no longer be considered safe places in today’s wars, because they are routinely bombed as war targets.

5 Things to remember when you have shared 2019-04-04 06:00:34Do your best to make it work, for the good of the kids.

Why a 9/11 firefighter became a priest 2019-04-04 00:00:56The story of Tom Colucci.

Operatic singer uses talents to help people find 2019-04-04 00:00:51Andrea Lynn Cianflone encourages people to sing, confident it will lift hearts.

What is a monsignor in the Catholic Church? 2019-04-04 00:00:29The honorary title has become more rare than in the past and denotes a special honorary clerical status.

Vatican has 4 verbs for how to deal 2019-04-04 00:00:26And he suggests a slight change in terminology to better reflect our Christian spirit.

12 Saints who can inspire the youth of 2019-04-04 00:00:11The pope includes a list of young inspirations in his new post-synodal exhortation "Christus Vivit." How many do you already know?

The working mom who leads hundreds of people 2019-04-04 00:00:06Her goal is to leverage social media to get 100 million people praying.

All the drama of Passion Week applied to 2019-04-04 00:00:02... and thus, applied to us ... The Gospel ends the way our Lent should end.

The 8-year-old girl who’s claimed an award from 2019-04-04 00:00:01The young Mexican embodies the very best of our youth today.

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Bring Back the Blue Laws 2019-04-02 06:00:00My home state of North Dakota just removed the respirator from a dying vestige of American culture. Continue Reading »

YouTube Revolution 2019-04-01 09:25:00Though I have long and volubly condemned all forms of “web life,” I sheepishly confess to having recently loitered with intent on YouTube&

What Arthur Brooks Gets Wrong 2019-03-29 09:20:00Americans aren’t angry, writes American Enterprise Institute President Arthur C. Brooks ( Love Your Enemies ). When we’re angry, we try to

A Pro-Natal Proposal for America 2019-03-28 12:35:00Among America’s culture wars—from guns to gay marriage, drug legalization to penal reform—no battle is more emotionally wrenching th

An Open Letter to Cardinal Reinhard Marx 2019-03-27 06:00:00Your Eminence: Continue Reading »

Glorious Humility 2019-03-26 06:00:00One of the most memorable sermons I’ve ever heard was on the glory of the risen, ascended, and coming-again Jesus. Usually, the preacher observe

Christ-Haunted George Saunders 2019-03-25 09:40:00In his 2013 article “ The Catholic Writer Today ,” Dana Gioia argued that the term “Catholic writer” no longer applies only to

How Jane Austen Played Baseball 2019-03-22 06:00:00Pastime Lost: The Humble, Original, and Now Completely Forgotten Game of English Baseball david block nebraska, 298 pages, $29.95 Continue Reading &

For a Time Such as This 2019-03-21 10:20:00Many Jews interpret the story of Purim as a series of fortuitous, coincidental events that happen to have unfolded in an order that achieved salvation

Against the Dead Consensus 2019-03-21 06:00:00The 2016 election laid bare profound but long-hidden ideological divisions among America’s conservative intellectuals. Continue Reading »

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Religious freedom under attack from ‘new human rights,’ 2019-04-03 13:00:00Vatican City, Apr 3, 2019 / 11:00 am (CNA).- The Vatican Secretary of State condemned the ongoing abuse of religious freedom in many parts of the worl

Alabama bill would ban all abortions except for 2019-04-03 12:26:00Montgomery, Ala., Apr 3, 2019 / 10:26 am (CNA).- New legislation in Alabama would ban all abortions in the state, except in cases where the mother fac

Pope Francis: God desires solidarity among Catholics and 2019-04-03 08:33:00Vatican City, Apr 3, 2019 / 06:33 am (CNA).- Reflecting upon his recent apostolic journey to Morocco, Pope Francis said Wednesday that God desires a g

During Tennessee 'Sex Week,' FOCUS volunteers a Catholic 2019-04-02 21:00:00Knoxville, Tenn., Apr 2, 2019 / 07:00 pm (CNA).- During an annual week of controversial sex-ed events at a Tennessee college, the Fellowship of Cathol

Bishop asks Nicaraguans not to take justice into 2019-04-02 20:37:00Managua, Nicaragua, Apr 2, 2019 / 06:37 pm (CNA).- Bishop Silvio José Báez, auxiliary of Managua, Nicaragua, called on people of the cou

Colorado's death penalty repeal failure means 'unneeded violence', 2019-04-02 18:56:00Denver, Colo., Apr 2, 2019 / 04:56 pm (CNA).- A death penalty repeal effort has failed in the Colorado legislature after failing to win enough votes i

Catholic schools in Ireland concerned by proposal to 2019-04-02 18:01:00Dublin, Ireland, Apr 2, 2019 / 04:01 pm (CNA).- Parents and Catholic schools near Dublin have expressed their opposition to a Department of Education

House pro-lifers move to bring Born Alive bill 2019-04-02 17:00:00Washington D.C., Apr 2, 2019 / 03:00 pm (CNA).- House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) filed a discharge petition for the Born-Alive Abortion Surviv

New study shows differences between male and female 2019-04-02 16:07:00Washington D.C., Apr 2, 2019 / 02:07 pm (CNA).- A new scientific study has found significant differences in the ways that the brains of male and femal

'Back in February'- How an unexpected pregnancy led 2019-04-02 13:48:00Chicago, Ill., Apr 2, 2019 / 11:48 am (CNA).- Alexa Hyman navigated her white Kia Optima, peering through sheets of rain, as she made her way to a Sou

Pope Francis asks youth for help in ‘preventing 2019-04-02 11:40:00Vatican City, Apr 2, 2019 / 09:40 am (CNA).- Pope Francis has called upon young people to be vigilant in the face of “horrible crimes” of

At the intersection of faith and autism – 2019-04-02 10:58:00Bethesda, Md., Apr 2, 2019 / 08:58 am (CNA).- When Fr. Matthew Schneider was asked to move on after just one year of a three-year assignment as school

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The Proper Response to the College Admissions Scandal 2019-04-02 03:10:46The college admissions scandal that hit the news a few weeks ago has generated shock, a lot of commentary, and many calling for the heads of the

Male Homosexuality and Priestly Formation 2019-04-02 03:00:54There is no homosexuality. Of course, there are homosexuals, but there is no one thing, no one condition or syndrome that is homosexuality. If we are

Europe’s War on Christianity 2019-04-01 03:10:37As the influence of Islam on European society has increased, so have anti-Christian attitudes. While civil authorities have gone out of their way to a

Unplanned—A Pro-Life Film That Doesn’t “Play It Safe” 2019-04-01 03:00:41“Beam me up Scotty.” These are an abortionist’s words directing a nurse to turn on the suction machine, words Abby Johnson heard whe

Sohrab Ahmari’s Modern-Day Confessions 2019-03-29 03:35:48There is no rest where you seek it. Seek what you seek but it is not where you seek it.  ∼ St. Augustine New York Post op-ed editor, Sohrab A

Christopher Dawson on 19th-Century Critics of Liberalism 2019-03-29 03:30:41As Christopher Dawson attempted to discover the sources of the ideological disruptions of the twentieth century as well as solutions to the death and

Declining Sacramental Life of the Church an Alarming 2019-03-28 03:35:20Where are you headed? This is not just a question the cabbie asks when you get into his car in a big city somewhere in America. It is also a ques

Highlighting Same-Sex Attraction Is a Mistake 2019-03-28 03:30:11The orthodox Catholic blogosphere has duly noted the mostly same-sex nature of the scandals plaguing the Catholic Church. Writing for the Catholic Thi

On Peterson’s Revoked Fellowship to Cambridge Divinity School 2019-03-27 05:30:03Last week, Jordan Peterson, who is currently the world’s top public intellectual, had his fellowship offer to the University of Cambridge revoke

The Catholic Position on the Electoral College 2019-03-27 05:25:27Is there a Catholic position on the Electoral College? Is there a “Catholic algebra” or a “Catholic chemistry”? Of course, the