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'Key & Peele' and other Comedy Central classics New! 2020-10-30 17:33:44WarnerMedia hopes a handful of Comedy Central classics may help entice you to subscribe to HBO Max. The streaming service announced today it’s i

Google Meet starts rolling out custom backgrounds to New! 2020-10-30 16:18:05We knew custom backgrounds were coming to Google Meet, but now they’re finally here for everyone. Google has started rolling out the feature to

Modified drones help scientists better predict volcanic eruptions New! 2020-10-30 15:12:01Mount St. Helens, Vesuvius, Krakatoa: history is full of volcanic eruptions that took humans by surprise and caused devastating damage. But with the h

Don't get your hopes up for the first New! 2020-10-30 15:00:08Of course masks are the latest craze in wearable tech. There’s LG’s “wearable air purifier” with battery-powered fans, an upco

Some of Ubisoft's PS4 games won't run on New! 2020-10-30 14:47:54Sony has been promising for a while that 99 percent of PlayStation 4 games will be backward compatible on PS5. It recently released a list of just a f

Take great notes with this smart pen and New! 2020-10-30 13:55:28Most people need a good note-taking system. Students jot down useful information during classes to prepare for exams, professionals record a client's

Facebook pauses recommendations of political and social issues New! 2020-10-30 13:51:58Amid a wave of actions Facebook has taken to prepare for next week's presidential election, it has stopped recommending groups that focus on politica

Chevy will start selling EV retrofit kits in New! 2020-10-30 13:40:02You’ll soon be able to buy an electric Chevrolet motor just as easily as one of its gas engines. After years of prototypes, the automaker plans

Samsung redesigns its Galaxy Store to focus on New! 2020-10-30 12:55:11Samsung wants its phones to be the go-to option for mobile gamers, and it’s taking another step towards achieving that goal. The redesigned Gala

Roborace engineer explains why a driverless racecar drove New! 2020-10-30 11:55:47A video of an unfortunate (albeit kinda hilarious) Roborace incident made the rounds on Thursday. It showed an SIT Acronis Autonomous racecar immediat

Oda aren't just speakers, they're a $299 ticket New! 2020-10-30 11:45:55I am a bit of a live music junkie. In my twenties I would often go to at least one show a week (and often many more). Even now, as I unenthusiast

Logitech made official gaming gear for 'League of New! 2020-10-30 11:25:56K-pop frenzy is at an all-time high and tech companies continue to collaborate with the genre’s biggest bands in the hopes of luring fans to buy

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Solve coding challenges at Runcode.ninja online competition, Nov. New! 2020-10-30 08:03:38Write code, solve problems, win gift cards—what’s not to like?

Apple earnings show strong iPad and Mac sales 2020-10-29 17:50:37New iPhone sales will rest entirely in the next quarter this time.

Google says it’s “committed” to Nest Secure but 2020-10-29 13:41:47The Nest Secure is dead, so how much longer will Google support it?

iPhone 12 and 12 Pro double review: Playing 2020-10-29 11:16:40The iPhone 12 is so good, it’s hard to recommend the iPhone 12 Pro.

In a first, researchers extract secret key used 2020-10-28 16:20:02Hackers can now reverse-engineer updates or write their own custom firmware.

RIP Google Play Music, 2011 – 2020 2020-10-28 15:51:31We celebrate the life of Google's music service. It shall live forever in our hearts.

AMD’s newest graphics cards: RDNA2 power from $579 2020-10-28 14:35:45Pricing is a mixed bag—we expect to see price cuts on the low-end RX 6800 soon.

Apple develops alternative to Google search 2020-10-28 10:09:24Apple may build its own search tools as ties to Google come under antitrust scrutiny.

The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart will return in 2020-10-27 17:07:11Hourlong episodes will each tackle a current-affairs issue.

Ubuntu Groovy Gorilla adds Raspberry Pi as a 2020-10-27 13:56:36Previous combinations of Ubuntu and the Pi have been community efforts only.

Review: Walmart’s Core i5 Ice Lake laptop, back 2020-10-27 07:15:07Unfortunately, this low-end Ice Lake CPU is still stuck with UHD graphics.

OnePlus hopes US customers will settle for the 2020-10-26 14:25:44Will a watered-down OnePlus Nord be good enough to fight the Pixel 4a?

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Juganu begins selling its tunable lighting system for 2020-10-29 09:30:16Juganu, the venture-backed Israeli company that makes lighting systems capable of emitting light at specified wavelengths, is now selling a product th

TikTok-parent ByteDance launches its first gadget in a 2020-10-29 08:00:36ByteDance on Thursday unveiled its first consumer hardware product, a smart light lamp with a display, that it says is part of its education technolog

Jackery’s solar generator system helps you collect and 2020-10-28 12:49:30Portable power is a very convenient thing to have on hand, as proven by the popularity of pocket power banks for providing backup energy for smartphon

The Flume 2 Smart Home Water Monitor is 2020-10-28 09:22:32Many smart home gadgets focus on convenience or automation of typically manual tasks, but Flume’s smart water sensor provides a potentially much

Mophie introduces a modular wireless charging module 2020-10-27 17:58:59Here’s a clever addition for Mophie, one of the longstanding battery case makers, which is now a part of the same smartphone accessory conglomer

Wyze launches version 3 of its $20 security 2020-10-27 13:00:56Wyze first made a name for itself when it launched its $20 indoor security camera a few years ago. Since then, the company branched out into other sma

Hands-on: Sony’s DualSense PS5 controller could be a 2020-10-27 12:31:54After spending a few hours with the PlayStation 5 and its completely redesigned DualSense controller, I can say with confidence that the new haptics a

The Freewrite Traveler is an outstanding, but expensive, 2020-10-27 09:00:12As a hardware startup, Astrohaus stands apart because of its unique offerings focused specifically on writers and writing. Its debut product, the Free

For the theremin’s 100th anniversary, Moog unveils the 2020-10-22 12:02:45It’s been a full century since Leon Theremin created the electronic instrument bearing his name, and to celebrate Moog is releasing what must su

Flair’s Smart Vent system is a big improvement 2020-10-22 10:51:23Smart thermostats are fairly ubiquitous these days, but depending on which one you’re using, you could be getting a lot more from your home heat

Apple HomePod update brings Intercom and other new 2020-10-20 17:43:56Apple HomePod owners, starting today, will be able to use the newly announced “Intercom” feature to send messages between their HomePod sm

Raspberry Pi Foundation launches Compute Module 4 for 2020-10-19 12:47:55The Raspberry Pi Foundation is launching a new product today — the Compute Module 4. If you’ve been keeping an eye on the Raspberry Pi rel


The 9 Best TVs (and Helpful Buying Tips) New! 2020-10-30 09:00:00From LCDs to fancy OLED models, these are our favorite televisions at every price point.

The Right to Repair Is Back on the New! 2020-10-30 08:00:00This week, we discuss the proposed law in Massachusetts that would open up access to the data stored on a car’s internal computer.

It Looks Good, but the Pricy Our Place 2020-10-29 09:00:00Yes, the design is very stylish, but for the money you should really just buy an All-Clad.

How to Get Started With Dungeons & Dragons 2020-10-29 08:00:00D&D can look difficult to get into, but with the right tools and a community you can vibe with, it’s much easier than it looks.

These Hassle-Free Speakers Add Cinema Sound to Your 2020-10-29 08:00:00Enclave Audio’s CineHome Pro merges THX-certified surround sound and wireless tech to effortlessly bring you the movie theater audio experience.

The Best Pizza Ovens to Make the Perfect 2020-10-28 09:00:00In times of trouble, our nation turns to carbs. We picked our favorite portable ovens for backyards, countertops, or camping.

22 Face Masks We Actually Like to Wear 2020-10-28 08:00:00Here are the WIRED staff’s favorite face coverings for running, walking the dog, going to work, or looking stylish.

How to Stop Getting Into Pointless Arguments Online 2020-10-28 07:00:00It's easy to want to keep talking until you “win,” but in reality, no one's winning.

The Backbone One Takes iPhone Gaming to New 2020-10-27 12:00:00This iPhone controller and its app are so immersive and well designed, I forgot I was playing on my phone.

The Chromecast With Google TV Is a Welcome 2020-10-27 08:00:00The newest Chromecast comes with a remote and has Google TV built in—which makes it way easier to navigate a sea of streaming apps.

How to Get the Most Out of Virtual 2020-10-26 09:00:00Online health care has become a part of pandemic life—and your remote appointments can be easier to navigate than you'd think.

How to Carve a Pumpkin—From a Pro Sculptor 2020-10-26 08:00:00We asked a master sculptor and puppeteer how to make a scary-good jack-o-lantern.