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21st of October 2017


Justice League Tickets On Sale Soon

Tickets for Justice League will reportedly go on sale on October 30, a little over two weeks before the highly-anticipated team-up film debuts in theaters. With the latest installment in the DC Extended Universe right around the corner, Warner Bros. has ramped their marketing efforts up to 11, recently releasing a final trailer, announcing Aquaman week, and unveiling a multitude of promos to familiarize casual audiences with the group of superheroes. Despite the rocky start the franchise got off to last year with the polarizing Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad, hopes are high that Justice League will be able to build off the success of Wonder Woman and be one of the fall’s best films.

Time will tell what kind of critical reception the movie receives, but it’s all but a guarantee Justice League will do just fine commercially. Some of the earliest box office projections, indicated it would bring in around $160 million domestically in its first three days, which would be the second-highest opening weekend in the DCEU’s short history. Undoubtedly, a good portion of that figure will come from excited fans who preordered their tickets well in advance. Now, people may know when they can start making those purchases.

Jeremy Conrad of Furious Fanboys took to Twitter to break the news, saying he’s heard Justice League tickets will be available starting on Monday, October 30. While this isn’t official confirmation from WB, Conrad was the one who initially said Star Wars: The Last Jedi tickets would go on sale October 9 before Lucasfilm announced it themselves. It’s safe to consider this as accurate until further notice.

For those wondering, it sounds like #JusticeLeague tickets will likely go on sale Monday, October 30th.

— Jeremy Conrad (@ManaByte) October 10, 2017

Two weeks is more than enough time for viewers to make plans for Justice League opening weekend, but if the tickets truly do go on sale October 30, it would be a break from traditional industry practices. Normally for massive blockbusters such as this, advanced tickets are available very early. In some cases (like The Last Jedi and Thor: Ragnarok), fans can get them basically two months before the premiere. WB started selling Wonder Woman tickets in May, well ahead of that film’s June premiere. It’s unknown why Justice League would be different (considering this proves to be true), but as long as viewers can get their tickets beforehand and skip the lines on opening night, they’ll be happy.

There should be great interest in acquiring Justice League tickets as soon as possible, considering the word-of-mouth that’s brewing. WB held test screenings recently, with the response saying that it is epic. Of course, the full written reviews will provide a better snapshot of the film’s quality, but this is a nice start for a tentpole that will be heavily scrutinized for a variety of reasons. WB has seen a number of their movies become box office hits in 2017, and Justice League should be no different.

Source: Jeremy Conrad

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